Rua da Fonte Nova, 5

4400-156 Vila Nova de Gaia – Portugal

Phone: +351 223 744 193


Churchill’s was founded by John Graham in 1981, as the first British Port Wine company to be established in 50 years. His desire was to set up a company to produce his own, individual style of wine. It was his wife, Caroline Churchill, who provided the company with its name. In an industry where others are hundreds of years old, we were new challengers to the market. We worked hard to create the best port possible, as an independent and passionate new boutique, creating our own special wines as we thought they should be made.

Churchill’s Visitors Centre also offers a rare opportunity for Vintage Ports tastings, focusing on the singular and unique characteristics of this Wine, which is generally considered to be one of the great Wines of the World.

A classic and very elegant room with a stunning view over the city of Oporto and Rio Douro is also available for special events, such as private dinner parties and others.

Open to visitors from 10:00hrs to 18:00hrs daily, a variety of tasting options is available to suit the requirements of all visitors.