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Built in 1737 by William Offley, the company gained international renown and prestige under the leadership of Joseph James Forrester, an influential personality in the history of Porto, first Baron Forrester granted for his historic map of the Douro.

The Baron of Forrester, a businessman, winemaker, wine taster, respected artist and mapmaker, is one of the main characters in the history of Porto.


Classic Tour | Price 6€ / pax
The fascinating story of the Baron of Forrester and his important role in the Porto Wines business is explained by an enthusiastic team while walking through rows of ageing casks. Commented tasting of two Porto Wines.

Offley Reserve Visit | Price 7,50€ / pax
The experience of a guided tour through the cellars with a tasting of three Offley Porto Wines.

Baron of Forrester Visit | Price 16€ / pax
For small groups of connoisseurs, an intimate visit with a wider selection of Offley Porto Wines.

Classic Tour and Quinta do Seixo | Price 8€ / pax
Includes Classic Tour | Offley Cellars and Quinta do Seixo.

2 Cellar Visit | Price 14€ / pax
Includes Classic Tour | Offley, Ferreira or Sandeman Cellars.